Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Free Krispy Kreme donuts - I couldn't resist, people!

Ok folks, here's the deal .. it was an offer I just simply couldn't refuse, you understand?  I mean, c'mon .. the silly Dutch guy and I were in Springfield doing some shopping at Aldi to replenish our pantry and there it was.  I'd already heard about the promo on the Pinching Your Pennies website.  We'd already passed it on the way to shop, we were just going to pass it on the way back to the interstate.  It was destiny .. I was not going to be satisfied until we went.  I told Dutch guy to pull into the parking lot quick before I changed my mind!  I'm so glad we did!!

Aw, the box even had hearts on it for Valentine's day and everything!
Wanna see what we got?

We got two of each:
Heart shaped, glazed blueberry cake, glazed sour cream cake, chocolate iced custard filled, glazed lemon filled and original glazed.

So luscious .. mmmmm!

The Dutch guy wanted these badly!

Krispy Kreme surely makes a gorgeous doughnut, don't they?

Aw, Dutch guy can't contain his excitement ..

He's lost his flippin' mind!

Here's the free Valentine's Day cards you receive when you purchase a dozen doughnuts,
aren't they just way too cute?

Each card has a free doughnut coupon on the reverse side.

Say what?  $2 off a 2nd dozen doughnuts?
Naw, we were fine with just the 1 dozen ..
I'm thinking about giving this to my friend Laura .. she goes to Springfield more often than we do!
She'd better hurry, it expires February 1st.

Oh, and not to mention the really cool hat we took with us upon our exit!
C'mere, Dutch doughnut guy .. rowr!!

Be sure to make your way before Valentine's Day to take advantage of this wonderful deal!  You already get a free sample doughnut upon arriving, whip out one of your free doughnut Valentine's Day card, buy yourself a cup of Joe, sit down and enjoy a cheap breakfast!  Surely they give refills, don't you think?

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