Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chicken Nachos are a thing to behold!

The Silly Dutch Guy's statement of warning!

We absolutely loooooove making Chicken Nachos and every once in a while, we get a wild hair.  We want to do it up right and yet, make it an easy cleanup meal.  This has got to be one of the easiest dinner ideas we have and I'm gonna share it with you right now but, you must promise not to divulge any information .. you hear me?  This little secret is just between you and me .. it is stealthy and culvert in its mission for taste bud  satisfation.. I give you, the Chicken Nachos of your dreams!

Here goes:

Grill some chicken breasts, we just happened to have sprinkled them generously with 'Tastefully Simple' Fiesta Party dip mix. Once they're done, cut into strips and then cut into bite size pieces.

Layer your serving dish with tortilla chips, the chicken and whatever cheese you like (we use a Colby/Jack blend). Keep layering until desired height (here, we did 3 high). Bake in a 375 F oven for 10 minutes or until cheese is melted.

Turn your oven to 'Broil' and heat it for about 4-5 minutes until brown and bubbly.

There you have it .. Cheapy Cheesy Chicken Chachos .. ehm, whatever!

Top with your favorite salsa.

Add a touch of sour cream and diced onion, we thought red onion would be tasty but, we normally use yellow.

That's one seriously hungry face .. eat up, Behbums! Lekker!

Spots is giving his best fainting from hunger look as Leia knows that patience will prevail in the end ..

Blacks is trying to use the 'Jedi mind trick' to get Daddy to give him a bite! Better luck next time, Junior!

Give it a try one of these nights when you're feeling like something easy and satisfying .. enjoy!

Chicken Breast on FoodistaChicken Breast

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  1. sounds yummy and OH MY GOSH, i love the pics!!!!!!!! :D

  2. This has got to be our absolute favorite meal! It's so simple and way too easy not to try. It be crazy good!!!!

    What are you and Wes' favorite meal?

  3. Oh golly JEEZ! I want this RIGHT NOW!!!!

    I need to stop looking at food blogs. That's just all there is to it.

    Regardless...thanks for sharing! :-)

  4. You're welcome! I tell myself the same thing as well but, I'm addicted to food blogs .. I should just accept it and move on .. lol!

  5. My husband would love this! Great idea!


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