Thursday, August 5, 2010

You know what they say about beef ..

Yes, even after all these years and several spokespersons, Robert Mitchum said it best.  He was absolutely right and while I was growing up, beef was served at just about every meal my Mama ever put in front of me.  It was our prefered protein and it seems to be the same in my own household.  

We bought up a few eye of round roasts the other night while they were on sale.
I thought to myself how fabulous that would taste using the rotisserie in my new toaster oven.

I went about gathering up some spices to make a rub for the roast.

I don't measure out anything usually .. I go by sight.
There's lots of garlic powder because that's how I roll.
What you see here is still not enough for me .. I could use more, seriously!

I mix it up a bit with my fingers to incorporate everything.

Roll that bad boy in them spices and coat it as evenly as possible.

Look at that work of art .. man, that's gonna be tasty!

Get it skewered and put it in place.
For a beef roast like this, you need to cook it for 30-35 minutes per pound.

Are you kidding me?  How can you not get excited by something so glorious?

I let it rest for about 5-10 minutes so it won't lose any of its juices.
I feel it's key to keeping meat moist and delicious.

There you have it .. cooked to perfection and ready to be eaten for dinner tonight or save it in the refrigerator or freezer for the makings of dinner for another night like we did.

For example, this BBQ beef sandwich ..
.. a little bit of BBQ sauce mixed with some thinly sliced roast and ouila ..



  1. I am a vegetarian, but you made your roast look very tasty. I am visiting from the blog frog.

  2. I love doing rubs on our roasts and cooking nice and slow. Have never thought of doing in my toaster oven, good idea for just a little one.

  3. It looks very delicious. I try this recipe tomorrow. Today I have a lot of work. My boss watching me, so I'm not bored in work ;) Maybe I should change my office job? If I was a chef I might cook at work and nobody complaint :) Thanks for this recipe :)


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