Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rockstar ice cream float & birthday wishes

Ok, does everyone know what the Rockstar energy drinks are? It is the most tastiest energy drink I've ever had the pleasure to consume.  They sure have come in handy after a sleepless night or an especially rough day at work and I need some energy to go somewhere unexpected.  Well, one day, I got a crazy idea to try it in an ice cream float.
Here's the story:

Last summer, my friend Laura posted on Facebook that her and her daughter were hosting a Float party at their house.  Guests were encouraged to bring their own favorite drink to make a unique float besides the basic root beer and cola flavors.  Silly Dutch guy and I were debating on using a Rockstar and what better place to try it than at a float party?

We got there with Rockstars in tow, got our cup with vanilla ice cream in it and tried it ..

it .. was .. amazing ..

Pure and simple genius .. 

You can take any vanilla ice cream, a glass and an energy drink
of your choice .. we just love the taste of the plain o'l Rockstar
above anything else.  There's a variety to choose from so, pick your fave.

Look at that head of creamy vanilla foam .. 

I mean seriously .. how beautiful is that?

I made mine in a Grolsch beer glass but, you could use
anything I'm sure .. I just think it's neat looking at all
that glorious color of the drink and the ice cream.

We buy the 4 pack when they're on sale and try to stock up on them.  And because it was so close to my birthday (April 21), I decided to treat myself .. I felt like I deserved something special .. and since I can't afford to treat myself to this thing of beauty:

My dream mixer in willow blue!
Isn't she purty?

The least I could do is treat myself to an ice cream float .. happy birthday to me!

And in the blink of an eye ..
All gone .. bye bye ..

Do something special for yourself today .. birthday or no birthday ..

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